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Orean Studios is your one-stop creative hub for turning dreams into reality. We specialize in event planning and management, Web development, Cinematography, Photography, Videography, Graphics Design, Video Editing, 3D Modelling, 3D Animation, Product Rendering, Virtual level design, Game environment creation, and Game development. With a dedicated team of experts in each field, we seamlessly blend innovation with imagination to deliver exceptional experiences for our clients.

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Event Planning

Experience thrilling game events powered by Unreal Engine, FiveM, and Minecraft. Immerse in captivating gameplay, promote sponsored items seamlessly. Contact us for event details and be part of the action-packed adventure.

Web Development

Crafting visually captivating websites and intuitive user interfaces. We blend creative design with user-centric approach to deliver engaging experiences. Elevate your online presence with our expert web and UI design services.

Game Development

With our deep expertise in Unreal Engine, we bring your gaming ideas to reality, leveraging cutting-edge technology and design to create immersive, visually stunning, and engaging gameplay experiences for your players


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Our Team

Menaka Prasanna

CEO of Orean Studios

Malith Amodya

General Manager

Chandupa Hashen

Senior Game Developer

Vinura Dayal

3D Environment Artist

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Orean Studios aims to set new standards in creativity and quality across industries. We aspire to be a global symbol of excellence, leaving a positive mark on the world through innovative projects and collaborations.

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